The training and extensive experience of all of our massage therapists in the art of ancient Thai Massage and understanding the concept of personal touch combined with the very affordable pricing you’ll find at Thai Massage Culver City is responsible for getting us rated the #1 Thai Massage Spa in Culver City! The quality of the massage therapists at Eternity Thai Massage Culver City compared with the massage therapists that you’ll find at a massage garage or at other massage parlors in Culver City and LAX areas is what separates Thai Massage Culver City from all of the other massage spas. You’ll get a real massage here not just a rub down. Our customers all express how talented our therapists are compared to other places they have went to for a massage. That’s why our customers keep coming back week after week!


Don’t miss out on a very special massage experience. If you come to Culver City Massage just once you’ll never go back to any other of the other Massage Garage or Just Massage places ever again. You’ll be hooked and addicted to Culver City Massage because here you’ll get a true massage and the experience will be 2nd to none. As you know, most of the masseuses that work at other massage facilities are fresh out of massage school with little or no experience. Not here. The massage therapists at Culver City Massage all have extensive training starting early in their youth and many years of experience since. That is why if you come to Culver City Massage just once we know that you’ll never go anywhere else for a massage again. That’s a promise we’re proud to make! The Entire Staff are Highly Trained Experienced at Eternity Thai Massage Culver City. Respect and value our customers because you are why we are here doing what we love to do. Our trained professional staff are all here to help you relax, smile and enjoy your time inside our Thai Massage Culver City spa. We are here to make sure you never forget the experience you had at Thai Massage Culver City so you’ll keep coming back again and again.


Know our experienced team of masseuses. Customer satisfaction is their goal. The Thai massage therapists that work at Culver City Massage have not only graduated from Los Angeles massage schools but they all have gone through extensive training with Master Thai born teachers learning and perfecting techniques handed down from generation to generation. All of our therapists are Thai born and they love what they do for a living and it shows. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to allow yourself this very special massage experience. Call and make an appointment today before all of the time slots get booked up.
Culver City Massage is conveniently located on Sepulveda Blvd. 2-doors south of Big Five and we are open 7-days a week from 10 am to 9:30 pm.
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